{DESIGN, WINE, & DINE} Design House 2016

Hello everyone! 

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the 2016 Design House from Design, Wine, & Dine. It was a gorgeous day and we were immediately greeted upon arrival from the staff working the event. They were so helpful and very professional. 

The Design House is located on 1308 Calhoun Street. The house is set a top a cute little corner lot in the Beall's Hill area in Macon. The before picture is shocking to say the least. It looked to be just this side of condemned. 


{ Picture used from http://www.designwinedine.org }

{ Picture used from http://www.designwinedine.org }


1. Front Porch - Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

The front porch was the first thing you experienced with this house. It was bright and sunny and definitely had the feel of summer. We were completely in love with the use of fresh greenery. Our favorite detail of this space was the planter made out of the sink in the dresser. 

2. Entry Hall - Canaan Marshall

The entry hall was spectacular. I honestly thought it was breath taking. The colors used and the over all feel was dark, but not gloomy or sad. It felt deep, rich, and cozy. The artwork on the walls could entertain me for days. The dark grey color on the walls could not suit my personal style any better so I'm a little biased there. I thought this space was absolutely gorgeous. 

3. Living Room - Sally Draughon

The living room was incredible. It gave me major Golden Girls circa 2016 vides. It was classic, bright, fun, and colorful. I loved the mix of greens, pinks, and blues. It had a beachy, exotic, miami feel without being cheesy. Everything in this room had refinement. Nothing seemed to be over done. There was just the right amount of fun in the right amount of places. The amount of light in this room just wrapped you up. Who wouldn't want to lay out in the bay window and read a book? Just lovely! 

4. Dining Room - Martha McKay Maxwell

Oh my, the dining room. Where to even begin. This was my friend Jessica's favorite space. And who could blame her? The colors in this space couldn't be more on trend right now. It made your face light up just being in there. There was a great mix of modern fixtures and antique finds. However, I was very surprised by the color chosen for the walls. Normally, it's standard to go with a lighter shade especially when the color is so powerful. I'm not sure who made the final decision here but it was perfect! That vibrant and strong teal was amazing in that space. The gold finishes were also pretty perfect. We were in this room for quite some time. 

5. Bedroom - Suzanne MacCrone Rogers and Jennifer Perry Leontopolous

This room had all the feels. It made you want to have a child, and you wanted that child to be a daughter, and you wanted that daughter to be a princess, and you wanted that princess to grow up and become a queen. It was adorable. The pearls on the grandfather clock were precious and the branches over the bed and window intertwined just the right amount of whimsy and fun. It was bright and it was pink. Honestly, it was fit for a future queen. 

6. Bathroom - Carolyn Reichert

The quest bathroom was classic. The stark black and white was a color combination that we always turn to when we need some stability in life. The mirror was one of my favorite pieces in the house. 

7. Vestibule - Susan Raza

The vestibule was small but it packed a huge punch. The patina finish on the walls paired with the copper touches, coral, and handmade pottery made for a vibrant area fitted with a mini bar and seating area. 

8. Kitchen - Tracy Benton

The kitchen was beautiful. It was a wonderful extension of the hallway. It made for a very cozy and happy space. The darker finishes paired with the brighter counter tops and cabinets provided balance. The fresh flowers added the right amount of color. 

9. Back of House - No designer listed. 

10. Master Bathroom - Carolyn Reichert

The master bathroom matched the aesthetic of the guest bathroom but everything had been beefed up. The look was still very classic. We were in love with the subway tiles that had a chiseled detail around the edges. They also had a succulent in the shower so how can you go wrong?

11. Master Bedroom - Trish Cossart

The master bedroom was a home away from home. It had everything needed for relaxation. The wall color and bright finishes made it light and airy and it felt like an oasis. We spent quite a bit of time in this room because everything including the art was understated but so detailed. Like a good vacation, you did not want to leave. 

12. Sitting Room - Brooke Merrill

Our last room of the day was the from sitting room. The room was just lovely. The light lavender color on the walls mixed with gold accessories, geodes, and artwork made and interesting mix of things to admire. This was the perfect room to sit, hangout, or read a book in. 

Comment down below on your favorite room of the house and make sure to share this blog post with everyone you know! Good job to all the designers involved it was absolutely beautiful! :)


- Joshua Neal (Creative Director - Hipster Perspective)

{ Involved Designer's Info }


Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

Sally Draughon

Jennifer Perry Leontopolous

Susan Raza

Samantha Arrington

Susan Sherry Floyd

Mary Pinson

Canaan Marshall

Martha McKay

Carolyn M. Reichert

Tracy Benton

Gregg Irby

Brooke Brantley Merrill

Kay Neal



[&] Grand Opening!!!


I am very excited to announce that I will be at the [&] GRAND OPENING this Saturday! I will be performing as Joshua Neal (musician) at 3:00PM and I will be around as Joshua Neal (creative director) answering questions about Hipster Perspective! Hope to see you all there!!! 

Framed prints now available at Village Marketplace!

Hello there!

I am so excited to announce that we are now selling framed ($50) and unframed ($20) prints at the Brand New location for Village Marketplace. Stop by and say hello to our friends over there! They have a fantastic selection of products and they are super cool! ;)


You can read the article from 13WMAZ on their GRAND OPENING here. Keep an eye out when watching the video and see if you can spot our prints on the wall. ;)

We also partnered with our friend Dean over at Poppy's Pad Woodworking for the frames. They look so great! Go check his stuff out over on FaceBook. (link below) 


Village Marketplace: Facebook

Poppy's Pad Woodworking: Facebook

HomeTown Pharmacy Rebrand.

Hi guys!

I am so excited to share our latest project with you all. My friend / neighbor / pharmacist Al McGalliard reached out and asked for help in rebranding his local pharmaceutical company. I accepted immediately and began the process of updating his brand. It was so refreshing to work with someone who had put so much thought in every detail of this logo, even down to the meaning behind the colors chosen (explained below). I think this project turned out so great! The new signs are up and they look fantastic! 









Please share with your friends and family. Also, feel free to recommend us to anyone who needs any design services. 

Take care everyone!

XO - Joshua Neal - (Creative Director)

Shabby Chic Staging With Revolutionaries!

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to take a moment and share a project that I was asked to help stage for my friend Bonnie's blog. Let's get a little bit of backstory... I met Bonnie Getchell 8 years ago at Truett McConnell. We became instant friends and had so many creative things in common from day one. Fast forward 8 years later and we are still best friends and pursuing our creative dreams in both music and decor/creative services. Bonnie refinishes furniture, among other things, and while I was up visiting she had this bench she had just finished for one of her clients. I fell in love with the piece immediately. She asked me to stage it for some photos for her blog and of course I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't want to decorate a cool piece of furniture that you didn't have to purchase, right? Any who, I love the way the staging came out. We wanted something cozy and inviting to go along with the feel of the bench being worn in. 

Side note: I also shot the "after" photos. That was a lot of fun because I haven't done that in a while. :) 


Hope you like the finished look. If you are interested in having a piece of furniture refinished, you can contact Bonnie at www.revolutionariesblog.com. There is some very exciting news coming about her journey that I don't want to give away yet. I will update everyone on that here when the time comes, so stay tuned. 

If you would like to read Bonnie's blog post about the bench redo, you can do that here.


Talk to you all soon!

XO - Joshua Neal

New Blog Starting Soon!

Hi everyone! I am looking to start blogging on here about things that are coming up. We will be opening our new market soon where we will be selling prints and offering custom prints. Stay tuned. The market should be up within the next week or so. 

Take Care Everyone! Can't wait to share. 

XO - Joshua Neal