Joshua Neal - Founder/Creative Director

Hi my name is Joshua Neal and I am the founder and creative director of Hipster Perspective. The goal of this business is to be a creative branding company for fellow creative souls. I started Hipster Perspective back in college where I attended Full Sail University and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I have been working behind the scenes on a lot of projects since graduating like creating album artwork for fellow bands, assisting in wedding decor, and even designing all of my own artwork, websites, and branding for my personal music career. Now I have turned to making my design business an equal part of my current creative situation. My love for graphic design started out as being a ticket to funding my first love and ultimate passion - MUSIC. I wear many hats and one of those is pop musician and have released my first EP on iTunes. I am currently working on completing my first full length album and I'm set to hit the studio later this year. Stay up to date on all the goings on with my music career here. Take care and I can't wait to work with you. 

Let's create! - Joshua Neal